Iansa Ingredients delivers the best quality ingredients it offers its customers in all the business segments and markets in which it operates. Therefore our commitment to the Quality of our products is a key part of our value proposition.



We have specialized laboratories equipped to carry out different quality controls for the industries we serve.

In turn, we have human team in constant training to maintain the necessary standards demanded today by different industries.

Sugar Lab
Our teams are constantly working to maintain the quality that characterizes us, with the highest demands of our multinational customers and national customers.
Pet food Lab
We have specialized equipment and instrumentation to control the parameters demanded by our customers in the Pet Food industry such as mycotoxins, microbiology, physical-chemical parameters, among others.
Molasses Lab
The tlasticus is a co-product that must be constantly monitored to achieve stability and quality throughout its portfolio. Thus our customers can formulate different products, using different types of tlasses according to their requirements.
Central Lab
In our Chillán plant, we have our Central Laboratory, which ensures that all our laboratories and analysis of our products keep the parameters controlled within our specifications. The quality of our products is part of our seal.


Today, in an increasingly globalized world, our customers in markets as diverse as Chile, the United States, Latin America, Japan, Korea, Australia, among others, require our production plants to have the highest and most demanding Certifications globally. Among our certifications are HACCP, ISO 22,000, FSSC 22,000, among others.