At Patagoniafresh we know the land and we care about it, so we draw up a work plan that allows us to grow together with our people and the communities that surround us.


We protect the best of our land

Through sustainable production and operation, we obtain inputs of natural origin to feed the world with the best of our land.

Liquid Fuel consumption was 17% lower in 2018 than the previous year.

Energy consumption

The study of the water footprint confirms the general use in <1% of direct extraction

Water resource

we reduce consumption in 2019 by 62%

Refrigerant gases

Over 50% of solid non-hazardous waste is taken to animal feed, and 40% to composting. We have started using residues in co-products, such as apple fiber (dry and wet).

residual management

In 2018, our carbon footprint was 28% less than 2017.

carbon footprint

We take care of our social environment

Our sustainability strategy puts our workers at the center and is embodied in:

Life and health insurance for all our workers.

Inacap’s recognition to Patagoniafresh since 2015 for its “development of human capital”.

Labor integration for more than 20 people with reduced mobility and with difficulties to enter the labor market.

Support with employment programs for older people.

Sports championships and healthy life programs for employees and their families.

We take care of our social environment

We take care of our social environment

Packaging Options

Packaging Options


We comply with national and international standards of environmental and social care

  • ISO 50001 Certification for Energy Efficiency Management
  • APL III: Clean Production Agreement (APL III), granted by the Sustainability and Climate Change Agency of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • EcoVardis: We received the Silver award (top 25% of companies) in recognition of compliance with their Corporate Social Responsibility policies.
  • Sedex