About us

Patagoniafresh, a company dedicated to the manufacture of concentrated fruit juice, fruit and vegetable puree, tomato paste and apple fiber, was created in Chile, a country with a particular and unique geography.

About us

Our Origin

We are an agro-industrial company with more than 38 years of presence in Chile and Peru, which produces tomato paste, fruit pulp and concentrated juices of the highest quality for food industries in different international markets.

As inspired by our purpose of Feeding the world with the best of our land, we understand that we must care for and protect it throughout our production process.


Our plants

With over 38 years in the industry.

We have 2 plants in Chile: San Fernando and Molina, which focus on the production of concentrated and non-concentrated clarified juices (NFC), fruit and vegetable purees, tomato paste and apple fiber. We also have a plant in the Ica Valley, Peru, called Icatom, where tomato for pasta, frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables are processed.

We are leaders in Chile in the production of NFC juices from apples, red grapes and plums, among other fruits.

Our plants


Our strong logistics operation and competitive freight rates, added to the opportune free trade agreements that allow tariff reductions or elimination of taxes, make it easier for us to export to more than 30 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.



At Patagoniafresh we are committed to the production of concentrated juices, fruit and vegetable puree, tomato paste and apple fiber, safe for human consumption and made in accordance with applicable national and international laws and regulations on food safety, occupational health and safety, labor and energy efficiency-management. 

As regards Quality, we manufacture our products seeking complete customer satisfaction through products that exceed their requirements and expectations. The Patagoniafresh plants comply with the standards established by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), having FSSC 22000 certification at the plants in San Fernando and Molina; we are the first juice company to achieve this standard in Chile. Additionally, since the 2020 harvest we have the NOP organic certificate for the USA and Europe. 


New developments

Iansa has an R&D unit that cuts across all business areas, focusing mainly on Patagoniafresh, where the production of by-products and new vegetable pulp developments stand out.

Wet Apple Fit

A natural way to improve mouthfeel in dark sauces, dressings, jams and fruit pouches.

Wet Apple Fiber contributes in a natural way with:

  • More consistency
  • More thickness
  • Better texture
  • Better mouthfeel

Some features that make Wet Apple Fiber a great solution for dark sauces and salad dressings:

  • More consistency
  • Low brix
  • No flavor
  • No aroma
  • Easy of use


  • Butternut puree
  • Yellow carrot puree
  • Orange carrot puree
  • Beetroot puree
  • Sweet Potato puree