In the area of Industrial Sugar of Iansa Companies, we understand that sugar has multiple applications in different types of products, such as beverages, ice cream, biscuits and chocolates, dairy products and pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, we have a wide portfolio to be able to offer our customers the specific type of sugar to optimize their production process.


Our sugar portfolio is designed with the requirements of the different industries in which we participate today.

With a joint work with our Development team and with the experience of the years in which we are leaders in Chile, today we have sugars Specialties, grade 2, grade 4, quality bottlers, among others.



  • Sugar Flower
  • Fine Sugar
  • Blonde Sugar
  • Semola Sugar
  • Pharma Sugar
  • Liquid Sugar
  • Grade 2 Sugar
  • Grade 4 Sugar


We have different sugar delivery formats to suit the realities of our customers and the production processes and their applications. Therefore our formats have been adapted to these needs. Some of our formats are

  • Sacks 25 kgs. Polypropylene
  • Sacks 25 kgs. Paper
  • Maxisacos 1,200 kgs.
  • Maxisacos 1.000 kgs.
  • Bulk trucks
  • Shelve trucks
  • Other formats.

Sugar format